Max Wolf

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a eulogy to the [wishful] claimant of my artistic self.

There is no way in which I could overstate her eminence, or the personal regard which I hold for her— a subversive, disruptive, transgressive visionary. I must speak to the manner at which she has changed me so absolutely, as the world mourns the passing of a sculptor of contemporary music.

SOPHIE for Garage Magazine №14, shot by photographer Torbjørn Rødland.

Sophie Xeon — known simply as SOPHIE — emanates precisely the illustrious brilliance her first-name status would imply.

I immediately began to synthesize work that appealed to the same piece of my heart that felt indubitably bound to the gripping individuality which coursed through the veins of her productions.

I sought to unearth her strength and conviction in my own creative endeavors. I still seek it to this day — that which she has so graciously shown all of us.

“I’m always trying to encapsulate how we, as emotional beings, interact with the world and the machines and technology around us — being able to emote through those things. They’re not antithetical or mutually exclusive.” — SOPHIE (1986–2021)